How to Install An Electric Fence and How it Works

Learn more about electric fencing and its installation by watching the videos and downloading the guides below.

Electric Fence Made Easy

Download Installation Guide

A simplified, step-by-step instructional guide to the installation and building of a temporary or semi-permanent electric fence.

High Tensile

Electric Fence System Catalog Download Installation Guide

Provides step-by-step instructions for the building and installation of your high tensile electric fence. High tensile fencing remains a versatile, cost-effective electric fence for all types of animals and livestock, as an alternative to barbed and woven wire fence.

Electric Fence Problem Solver

Download the pdf

A step-by-step tool used for trouble-shooting problems when your electric fence is not working properly. Note: You will need an electric fence tester specially designed for testing electric fencing in order to complete the steps.

Equine Series Fencing Program

Download the pdf

A simple how-to guide demonstrating the proper construction of equine tape and rope.

Energizer Selection Chart

Download the pdf

A guide for selecting the correct electric fence energizer specific to the type of fence and animals that you wish to control.

Minimum Voltage

For Animal Types Download the pdf

A quick reference guide to find the minimum voltage necessary for controlling livestock and/or predators. Note: Typically the larger the animal or thicker the fur, the higher voltage you need.

Rownd Up Latch

Brochure Download the pdf

A simple and unique gate latch for virtually any type of gate used on the farm, home or ranch.

Product Catalog

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Provides an overview and description of all of the products available through Dare Products.

Online Product Catalog

View online

Provides an overview and description of all of the products available through Dare Products.

Energizer Circuit Board Repair Download the pdf 0.4 MB
Energizer Installation Manual Download the pdf 2.29 MB
Garden Kit DEGK20 Download the pdf 4.14 MB
Installation Manual for DSX140 Download the pdf 0.6 MB
Solar Energizer Instructions Download the pdf 0.9 MB
Fault Finding: DE20, DE60 & DE80 Download the pdf 0.6 MB
Installation: DE20, DE60 & DE80 Download the pdf 0.2 MB
Installation: DS20Download the pdf 0.5 MB