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In the history of any major industry, one name usually stands out as the driving force behind its very existence. In electric fencing, that name is DARE. Since 1946, Dare has been manufacturing the highest quality products and providing the ultimate in customer service. We invite you to discover the Dare heritage and join us as we lift the electric fencing industry to even greater heights.


About Dare

Dare Products, Inc. was born because the founder, Robert M. Wilson, saw the need for an electric fence post as well as a more convenient method of selling electric fence wire to farmers.

From our humble beginning in 1946, in a small downtown office in Battle Creek, Michigan, Dare Products has become a cornerstone in the industry–offering a full line of electric fencing equipment and other related agricultural products. Many of our employees have been with the company for over 40 years, including company president Robert Wilson Jr.

Having been shaped by a rich tradition of long relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees, Dare will continue to strive to offer quality products and friendly service in the years to come.

Our basic philosophy is quite simple: to manufacture and provide quality products resulting in lasting relationships with our customers. Many of our customers have been with Dare for over 60 years... Read More »

Dare manufactures the majority of our products, ensuring the highest quality. We will not sacrifice quality by importing a less expensive, inferior product.

Electric Fence Installation

Read or Download our electric fence installation guide - a simplified, step-by-step instructional guide to the installation and building of a temporary or semi-permanent electric fence.

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