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Electric Fencing Accessories

# 3460



Combination digital voltmeter and current meter used to quickly locate faults on electric fence.

  • Large LCD screen displays fence voltage, amps, and direction of fault
  • Use fault finder functions with any brand of pulse energizer
  • Cordless design—no ground probe required
  • Impact and water resistant case with integrated belt clip
  • Low battery warning system
  • 9V battery sold separately

Two ways to use the fault finder, depending on the type of fence...

Type 1: Non-Looping Fence

  • On a fence with no faults, the current will slowly decrease as you get farther away from energizer.
  • The current on the fault finder will rapidly drop if there is a fault on the fence.
  • If a drastic drop occurs, you can use the fault finder to go back on the fence to determine the exact location of the fault.

Type 2: Fence Loops Back to Energizer

  • The fault finder will point in the direction of the fault.
  • When you pass the fault, the direction of the current will change.
  • When this occurs, you can go back on the fence to find the exact point where the current changes direction to find the fault.